The granite and its thousand facets

The finishing techniques applied in this stone of high hardness, provide diversity of appearances, and make possible its adaptation to multiple purposes.


The granite presentation alternatives are endless and adapt to every taste and need. Their termianciones vary of aspect according to the technique that is applied to him, being able to obtain from rough surfaces, happening through the intermediate ones until arriving at the most smooth and brilliant.

Flame : it is a thermal treatment, with which a rough and rough appearance to the touch is obtained, ideal for rustic coating, as well as for floors and steps.
Leather finish : It stands out for its velvety matte finish, which lets you glimpse the micas (natural shines components of all the granites) and is excellent to apply both in floors and tables, countertops and gives a great style as a wall covering, adapting to the style contemporary.
Polished : With this technique you get a smooth, flat and shiny surface that also highlights the color of the stone itself.
Due to the characteristics of granite, they are perfectly washable and commonly applied in kitchens and bathrooms. Choose granite, will give aesthetic level and excellent finishes.


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