The Ferrari armchair

Fans of the cars and above all of the Ferraris there are all over the world. Large, boys, men and women "fierreros / as" as they are told in some countries.

The Ferrari 1 armchair

For all of them is the " Ferrari armchair "You can park it in your living room or your room, that's what you choose.
Children and adults will adore this fabulous design that is more than an armchair. It was designed by Arthur P. Reyes, Jr. and has everything a true car should have. The seat is the same as real cars and the shiny finish of the body is like that of a real Ferrari.
It also has speakers behind the head, one on top of the lid and others on the second implement of the chair. The footrest serves to rest but has other surprises. It has a game console and an LCD ready to play.
Simply speechless…

The Ferrari 2 armchair

The Ferrari 3 armchair

The Ferrari 4 armchair

The Ferrari 5 armchair

The Ferrari 6 armchair


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