The feminine influence in decoration

The touch or feminine influence can be present in the decor of home. It is enough to discover those aspects that without realizing are fully feminine and learn to know if we feel comfortable with them.
The basis of feminine influence in decoration can be seen in curvilinear shapes, soft colors and appreciation for asymmetry. All of them are feminine decorative qualities that, although they have nothing to do with gender, represent their influence.

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If you love the feeling of inner freedom and bolder tones, your decorating style can be ideal for the influence of feminine qualities!

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Soft, delicate and harmonious colors : although there are people who think that only with the pink color a feminine touch is added, soft muted tones of any color is already a feminine influence. This is the beauty of the spectrum of colors. You just have to choose your favorite color and use it in a softer tone or combined with a dull gray to use as a base for decorating any room. The colors of contrast or darker, you can use them to accent sectors or spaces of interest or protagonists of your decoration.

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Curvilinear forms : the feminine influence in the decoration lends itself in the free forms or curved lines and not in the strict geometries. All of them imitate in one way or another, the curves and sensuality of the woman's body. While modern interiors tend to be more linear and traditional, romantic decorating tends to be more feminine. You can use wrought iron, details in carved wood, bright stones and soft colors, metals and textures. Consider the use of natural elements, such as light woods and skins to counteract soft materials and lines.

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Attractive, soft and exuberant materials and fabrics : Who does not like to plunge into a sumptuous bed of down comforters and fluffy pillows? You should try to use soft materials and fabrics to soften the hard lines of the furniture. Carpets that have a plush texture, along with soft and delicate textiles to the touch are examples of the feminine influence in our rooms.

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Use random geometry : Do you prefer asymmetry compared to all elements of linear decoration? Applying the feminine touch in the decoration gives you the advantage of mixing concepts obtaining asymmetry in the environments instead of perfect symmetrical groups.

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Play with colors and weapon pairs : the feminine colors are more oriented to the cakes than to the solid and dark ones. You can work with these two groups of colors so different from each other and build amazing pairs. Pastel colors and other light colors match beautifully with dark browns, blues and blacks. When we talk about combining colors we do not only refer to the paint and the floors and coatings, but also to the furniture and accessories of the decoration.

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Go ahead and use this style!
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