The fashionable back yard houses

The houses with patio are an achievement of the technology of the construction, they allow the circulation of the air of constant form which makes them more hygienic and with a natural regulation of the interior temperature. Humanity has been using them for 4,500 years. Our closest reference are the typical houses of classical Rome that with its geographical expansion of the Roman Empire brought this type of construction to all of Europe, although logically where it triumphed was in the countries around the Mediterranean. The climatic conditions, similar to those of Italy, favored its introduction in this area.

The courtyard houses 1

At first they were designed as a way to enjoy the outdoors without having to abandon the protection of the walls of the house. It was much safer to go out into the inner courtyard than to a garden located outside the house. In addition to leaving a clear space, without a roof, in the center of the house allowed creating air currents that in the warm countries where these houses were born, allowed to lower the interior temperature considerably.

The courtyard houses 2

At present a revival of this type of construction is being observed, which in reality has never completely abandoned us, especially in places like Mexico, the Middle East, Italy, Spain and many others. The current patio houses can achieve with a good design an important regulation of the interior temperature of the house, which can represent an important energy saving.

The courtyard houses 3

The main problem presented by these houses is urban planning, as in classical Rome. They are usually constructions that require a lot of large proportions, their profile is usually for obvious reasons quite massive. In short, they are expensive houses for people with high purchasing power, as in Rome, do not forget that in the capital of the Roman Empire ordinary people lived in community houses of five or six floors. The courtyard houses were owned by the wealthy classes, the patricians and great merchants.

The courtyard houses 4

Anyway, overcome these material obstacles, it is a very interesting option to build a nice, sustainable and comfortable house to live.


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