The Evernote offices

The new technology companies born with the rise of the internet need work environments different from the typical offices distributed in small cubicles. A young and leading company like Evernote needs a bright and spacious environment where its employees can exploit their creativity to the maximum.

Meet the offices of Evernote 1

The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California and has chosen Studio O + A to create this modern office concept. And what you see has been achieved in an outstanding manner. Evernote has grown a lot in a very short time and its employees needed a wide and complete space to spend their long working days.

Get to know the Evernote 2 offices

The design is based on the wide spaces and the industrial design, cement floor, wide stairs and open areas where the workers can carry out their work without feeling constrained by the environment.

Get to know the Evernote 3 offices

A wide staircase connects the ground floor with the first floor. In both parts are distributed the different areas of the office, from individual work spaces, meeting areas, gym, cafeteria and places to sit to clear the mind while resting and disconnect from the pressure of work.

Get to know the Evernote 4 offices

Meet the offices of Evernote 5

Everything is thought about the comfort of the workers, something that take care of this type of companies where the productivity is not measured so much in the work done per hour as in the novelties that the worker can create.

Get to know the Evernote 6 offices

And as we know creative work has different rhythms to mechanical work. It is important to take care of the interrelations between the workers so that the flow of ideas does not have any type of obstacle. The communication between its workers is vital for the company and this is what Evernote understands.


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