The energy of the color orange in the decoration

The orange it is the color of life, energy, vitamins and spontaneity. It stimulates the mind, develops creativity and supposes the best visual antidepressant. A color little used in interior decoration, but from which you can extract the best juice, as if it were the fruit from which it takes its name.

Decorate with the color orange 1

Born of the mixture of red and yellow, orange belongs to the warm spectrum and is the second color of the rainbow. By painting the walls of this color, we will illuminate every corner, awaken the senses and we will be, in short, more cheerful and lucid.

Decorate with orange 2

Decorate with orange 3

Combine it with white, it never fails: you create bright, clear and simple environments. Experiment with shades of yellow and green, red or pink, lilac and cream, colors next to which the orange it is favored and that enhance its original brightness. Use it, therefore, with colors of a soft range and pale colors, since orange absorbs a lot of light and combined with another color of the same register can saturate us.

Decorate with orange 4

Decorate with orange 5

Try the whole range of oranges, from the most garish to the softest, salmon or beige, and make sure you can enhance it with lots of light. A room in orange in a place with large windows is a sure hit: you will instantly fall in love with this color.

Decorate with orange 6

Decorate with orange 7


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