The end of the year decoration in the kitchen

It is usually a forgotten corner of the house when we prepare for the end of the year parties. The kitchen can become a protagonist over decoration with only a few decorative tips .

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-06

It is one of the most important places in our home. All the movements of our home are born from it and it is the obligatory meeting place of the family.
In the kitchen is where you make "one" the love, the culinary knowledge and the care to prepare the end of the year dishes with which we will entertain all our loved ones.
Many occasions and moments lived in the kitchen end up being part of our most beautiful memories. The recipes that our mothers and grandmothers teach us and that pass from generation to generation are always shared in the kitchen. It is for all these reasons that we should not forget it when decorating our home for the end of the year parties.
From small details to the food itself, we can transform this space into the undisputed protagonist of the decoration.
We can put postcards in the refrigerator or fridge, ornaments in the windows, centers of tables full of shiny balls, garlands on the walls and lamps, crowns on the doors and windows. We can also buy Christmas molds to prepare cookies, cakes and other typical foods and decorate them with hundreds of colors, the most special colors in those parties.
You do not need to spend a lot of money to achieve a harmonious and striking decoration. With little you can give unique touches and many of the ornaments and appliques you can make them yourself by doing some of the hundreds of crafts that are on the network.
Here are some examples that you can imitate in your kitchen, cheer up!

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-01

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-02

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-03

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-04

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-05

Christmas decoration in the kitchen-07


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