The elegance of the interior columns

The columns they are the fundamental support of the own structure of the house, functional but also decorative elements. Some interiors of homes can reveal this characteristic architectural tool, which usually enhances the space, adding elegance and distinction. The presence of columns y beams It can be the strong point in places with more rustic characteristics, since they provide a clearly aesthetic intention and help to introduce us to the maximum in that particular environment. The case of this attic loft is similar: the bare beams and pillars in black have a clear intentionality, as they remind us of what kind of space we are in, in this case an attic to which this type of outdoor structures they give that necessary personality, because without them the interior would be more bland.

Columns and exposed beams in decoration 01

To this other space has been added a column whose own appearance resembles a little of a bare tree with its branches. It prints a lot of personality: the space is filled thanks to the presence of this support, and it no longer seems so unprotected or devoid of elements that assume a burden not only physical, but also decorative.

Columns and exposed beams in the decoration 02

In this other case, the column in the middle of the room, next to the staircase, also presents that ornamental contribution, like a small obelisk. We have a column of greater visual elegance, whose chromatic clarity contrasts with the impeccable wood of this luxury home in which minimalism assumes an important role, accentuating more that feeling of comfort and design.

Columns and exposed beams in the decoration 03

But the columns are not only circular, we also have this other structural support of rectangular shape and finished in brick with metal structure. Fill the space and provide the place with character, in line with the staircase and metal railings. The columns are also important to build different interior decorations: they allow to place paintings, anchor objects, or paint them in different colors that make our decoration something cheerful and fun.

Columns and exposed beams in decoration 04

This is the case of this last example: a blank loft where the background column would hardly stand out if it did not serve as support for this row of paintings, something that introduces a visual component that reduces the minimalist impact.

Columns and exposed beams in the decoration 05

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