The elegance and freshness of the Nordic style

We have written a lot here about the Nordic style , an original trend of homes in northern Europe that has been spreading with great popularity in other countries around the world. And it is not for less, since this style stands out for knowing how to unite the best of classicism (with the presence of rustic furniture ) and avant-garde (lacquered surfaces, minimalism), with a colorful dot that prints beauty and great warmth.

Nordic style in the home 1

This is the case of this house that we bring you today, in which, on a white base, a multitude of contributions full of personality are outlined: prints, color, objects of decoration on the walls, plants, parquet floor and a more decorated modernized in their bathrooms.

Nordic style in the home 2

The white color of the base brings luminosity, clarity and refinement to the whole, and contrasts perfectly with the wall painted in mustard color. Undoubtedly, this decorative audacity is quite a success.

Nordic style at home 3

Nordic style in the home 4

It also presents a perfect balance between space and volumes. As a result we have a house that oozes beauty on all four sides, full of elegance and freshness. The atmosphere created is dynamic and at the same time relaxing, and invites us to settle into its cozy sofas, among multicolored cushions. We can not resist entering this house and invite you to come with us to enjoy all the beauty and freshness of the Nordic style.

Nordic style at home 5

Nordic style in the home 6

Nordic style at home 7

Nordic style at home 8

Nordic style at home 9

Nordic style at home 10


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