"The Edge", concept of prefabricated house in the United Kingdom

"The Edge" is a prefabricated house built in Penmayne Edge Park, in Rock, North Cornwall (southwest of England), in a community formed by ten rural houses. A modern home designed by Boutique Caravans and inspired by other recently created pilot floors with a concept of the home that is totally sustainable.

House of sustainable design 1

This type of housing is being revealed as the prototype of the future: increasingly sustainable housing, which take advantage of the natural resources of the environment to have the most basic energy for its operation, always within ecological parameters and self-sufficiency, and not at all at odds with the latest technological advances.

In this aspect, "The Edge" It uses recycled rainwater and uses photovoltaic solar energy to provide its interior with light and energy. It also has an innovative heat recovery system.

Sustainable design house 2

Sustainable design house 3

To isolate it from the typical English cold, the rigid structure of the house has been reinforced with triple-glazed windows and hermetic and totally insulating materials, such as steel, later covered with wood to give it a more modern look.

House of sustainable design 4

Sustainable design house 5

Inside we find an absolutely modern and complete design: it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, integrated kitchen, mirror televisions, light wood floor heating and the latest technology in sound, ventilation and lighting, the latter thanks to halogen sources and LED systems, which are low consumption.

A house perfectly equipped, the latest and also respectful with the environment, a model that begins to emerge as the new paradigm of housing around the world. And, in addition, being prefabricated, their construction materials are cheaper.

Sustainable design house 6

House of sustainable design 7

Photos: jetsongreen.com

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