The doormat that can make your guests uncomfortable

In all the houses when receiving the guests there is a carpet or doormat at the door. And when choosing them, they always try to find something original beyond the phrase "Welcome".

The doormat that can make your guests uncomfortable 1

That is why today we introduce you to " Doormat Chivato ", An original doormat that brings a scale or scale included.
When your guests arrive home and stop at the doormat, he will tell you how much they weigh. We can not deny that it is a doormat a bit daring and not very reserved.
This original doormat was designed by the Spanish designer Emilio Alarcón for Curiosite. It is made with coconut hair, weighs 160 kg and its measurements are 77 x 45 x 0.6 centimeters. It is easy to clean, and does not need batteries since its weight system is mechanical. In addition, the back of the mat is made of latex to prevent movement.
You should know that not all your friends and family will like the idea that you know your weight when they go to your home, but it is undeniable that this doormat is highly original.


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