The dirtiest corners of your house and how to clean them

The cleanliness and order of our home is the first and main norm for its correct decoration. We can not decorate or pretend that a house looks beautiful and beautiful if the dirt accumulates in the corners. Let's take a look at a few places where it is easy to accumulate more dirt than we think and we must control so that our house is resplendent.

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Let's start with the kitchen, which is the place that we have to try to have more clean after all, because that is where we prepare the food we are going to eat. Every two months we have to remove the aerator filter from the tap and clean it with vinegar. Leave it for a few minutes immersed in vinegar will be enough to sanitize and get rid of accumulated lime. The sink accumulates a large amount of small food remains so we must clean it daily with soap and water and once or twice a week we will use a disinfectant product.

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Over the kitchen cabinets accumulates dust and grease that can create a growing area for bacteria. It is a little visible area but we must clean regularly, it will be enough to do it regularly every month more or less. The vacuum cleaner to remove the oven and our usual cleaning product are enough.

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If you have a kitchen that is not built into the countertop but can be removed you should do it every several months to clean behind and below. Remains of food and other materials will have accumulated in this area and it is necessary to remove and disinfect the area.

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We do not usually notice but the handles of electrical appliances and electrical switches are elements that the whole family is constantly playing. A cloth moistened with the cleaner that we usually use will leave them in perfect condition.

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The fridge is an essential appliance in the kitchen, through which raw foods of animal and vegetable origin pass. It is therefore an area that can be contaminated and we must maintain it in perfect hygienic conditions. To clean the interior of the refrigerator we have to remove the shelves and panels of the doors and clean them with water and dishwashers. Do not use aggressive cleaning products that can damage the material and leave unwanted odors.

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After the kitchen the next space of the house that we have to maintain in perfect hygienic conditions is the bathroom. It is the wettest room in the house and this is a perfect environment for bacteria and fungi. The bathtub or shower tray should be dry as long as possible. It will not hurt to dry them after each use, which is somewhat laborious, or use a disinfectant. We can prepare a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray the bath or shower with it every two or three days.

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Toothbrushes can accumulate bacteria sprayed by the different uses of the water we make in the bathroom, shower, sink faucet, toilet cistern.And obviously of being the instruments that we use to clean in an area of ​​our body, the mouth, which is not as clean as we think. We will clean and sanitize the containers where we place the brushes, as well as these, periodically. For this we will use a solution with chlorinated water for 30 minutes and then rinse the brushes for 30 minutes in running water.

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Strive in the area surrounding the w.c. It is essential to maintain a bathroom in perfect hygienic conditions. Any product specialized in the cleaning of the bathrooms will help us to maintain our clean and hygienic.

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An element that we do not usually pay much attention to but that accumulates huge amounts of bacteria. They are the remote controls, we all touch them and we do not repair them when cleaning the living room or the room in which they are. Disinfectant wipes or a gauze with alcohol and cotton swabs to clean between the keys will serve us. It is not a matter of cleaning these devices with great frequency, it will depend a lot on the number of people living in the house, their age and personal circumstances.


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