The design that shined in Milan

With the Italian Paolo Rizzato and the Argentine Francisco Gómez Paz, the lamp "Hope" was a success at the Salone de Milán 2009.


"Hope" is a very special lamp. Its design is given by different scales that cause light to be reflected in different directions and with different tonalities.
Its design was a challenge not only aesthetic but also technical and marketing.
Originally, the use of glass was planned in its design, but for this design this material was extremely heavy and therefore another material for the scales had to be considered. That is why the designers advanced in the production of very thin polycarbonate sheets that achieve the same effect as glass.
When we mentioned the fact that the design of this lamp posed a challenge for its commercialization, we refer to the fact that it has a diameter of 1.05 meters and therefore its marketing should be conceived in small boxes with scales carefully stacked. But when it's time to put it together, it's extremely simple.
Enjoy this beautiful lamp ...







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