The design of the wine stores

The retail wine stores are a special category, they sell a labeled product where most of the information is in a small space printed in small print. It is also a product that is difficult to exhibit and where the difference between types and brands is very narrow. In the end it ends up being a diversity that is little differentiable. Designers must make a great effort to make that space, large or small, pleasant to the buyer.

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In the Mistral store in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by the architect Arthur Casas we have a perfect example of how to turn a boring space into a magnificent and visual journey through the world of wine.

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The system of exposure of the bottles allows the visualization of the labels without having to be lifting them at every moment. The long exhibition hall leads to a bar area where you can learn about wine through reading and tasting.

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The Dutch online seller Grapy hired the studio Storeage to design his first physical retail space. This space is in the Het Verbogen Rijk bookstore, in Roosendaal, Holland. This store within another store allows you to integrate the wine with the gastronomy, cooking and oenology books.

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In a design like boxes and separated by areas marked by names and graphics creates a very visual environment. Where it is easy to locate the wines, if we look for a sure white wine that will not be far from the great sole drawn on the wall.

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In Battery Park, in New York, is Vintry Fine Wines, a store that has an exhibition of 2,500 bottles of wine and is owned by Peter Poulakos, son of Harry Poulakos, founder of the mythical Harry restaurant in New York. This store was designed by Roger Marvel Architects and is based on the rows of vineyards and the gentle lines of the hills.

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There are many possible styles for the decoration of a wine shop, this time we see a shop designed in urban minimalist style. The physical space of the store did not allow many frills and pragmatism was chosen, the designers of Furch Gestaltung + Produktion did not have many options in this small wine shop in Stuttgart, Germany. They had to put 1200 types of wine, with a stock of 12000 bottles in a space of 70 square meters.

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The designers chose to use cubes of metal rods that can hold 25 bottles each, stacking them in different colors was also able to give a cheerful and fun touch to the space. In addition to creating a color code for customers to remember where was the wine that they loved.


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