The colorful interiors of Maria Lladó

The Spanish interior designer who dazzled Woody Allen to the point that he asked him to decorate a palace of the early twentieth century, located in Barcelona, ​​as a setting for his film Vicky Cristina Barcelona . Maria Lladó He studied various artistic disciplines before arriving at interior decoration. Advertising, visual arts and photography were his stages before enrolling in an interior decoration course at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts, London. We show you three color palettes based on the decoration that María made in a house in Cantabria.

Colorful interior decoration 1

We only need a neutral base, as is this house with white floors, ceilings and walls, to experience all the possibilities of color. The complements in striking colors introduce vibrant calls of attention and are capable by themselves to create an environment. María Lladó It is characterized by its eclecticism, it is capable of using decorative objects from different periods and of very different qualities. He knows how to combine the most exclusive with the most ordinary.

Colorful interior decoration 2

Their color combinations are bold and elegant at the same time. So we should not be afraid of color, simply if we have never worked with the combination of colors we should seek professional advice, investigate on our own and launch ourselves without fear.

Colorful interior decoration 3

This combination of colors with the sea that is seen in the background through the window is great. Those blue and green against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean are a delight. Do not forget the small objects coordinated with the colors of the great elements of the decoration, they create a spark and a really seductive detail.


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