The collection of 'sushi sofas'

This collection of modern sofas It has been designed by the study of German Edward Van Vliet . It is a selection of sofas with a hard shell covered in fluffy pillows. What makes it so special is the upholstery and the design of the fabrics, which are reminiscent of the ingredients that can be found in a sushi bar.

The sofas Sushi-01

A striking and original commitment that the designer has made with exclusive components to give each piece that feeling of comfort and maximum elasticity that can be seen in the images.

The sofas Sushi-02

The sofas Sushi-03

Sofas Sushi-04

The softness of the chosen colors and the vividness of the designs stand out in each of the pieces that make up this series, in which in addition to sofas and chifoniers There is room for puffs inspired by the shape of sushi rolls, sashimi and other exotic delicacies.

A fun way to furnish the living room, for lovers of Japanese cuisine and the most innovative decorative trends. It makes you want to sink your teeth!

The sofas Sushi-05

The sofas Sushi-06

The sofas Sushi-07


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