The choice of roof color, an important decision

If you are thinking of repainting a room, do not neglect the ceiling. When we choose the colors of a room, many of us forget that the ceiling is actually the fifth wall. Even though a layer of white paint is often the best option for finishing the ceiling, do not overlook other colors and treatments for this part of the house too often ignored.

How to choose the color for the ceiling 1

Simply, white

The rooms painted with light and neutral colors will be magnificent with the ceiling painted white or broken white. Choose a cream white to achieve a brighter look.

Use the color of the wall

To achieve a dramatic effect, consider painting the ceiling the same color as the walls in the rooms with the angled ceiling or arch. This will prevent the roof from becoming the focal point of the room and allow the architecture to be the star. If you are not convinced of painting the ceiling in the same color as the walls, there is another option, painting the white ceiling with a touch of the color used for the walls is an intermediate option.

Choose a dark color

The choice of dark colors for the ceiling should not be reserved for large traditional pieces. The dark ceilings can also be very beautiful in small spaces. Adding a pendant lamp that draws attention like a crystal chandelier, in a small room or in a corridor or corridor, will immediately give you an intimate and warm air. In a modern and spacious environment, a dark colored ceiling can actually serve as a focal point and will highlight the architecture and grandeur of the room.

A piece of advice, whatever the chosen option, always use a matt finish paint to paint the ceiling. It will be able to disguise more effectively the small faults and irregularities that the roof could have.


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