The charm of the garrets

If you are lucky enough to have a attic or to live in one, you will know why we refer to these spaces as charming places. While it is true that the size of garrets , in general, it is usually smaller than that of other rooms in the house, its strategic location in the buildings fills them with advantages and decorative possibilities. Its sloping roof, as its name suggests, is one of its main attractions. They are usually bright places, since the inclination of their roof and the position of their windows facilitates the entry of light. The truth is that its characteristic dimensions and its peculiar structure can give a lot of play and welcome magnificent radiant and diaphanous corners if we put ourselves to it.

Ideas for garrets 1

In the attic We can have from a bedroom to a living room, passing through an office or a workshop. There are many utilities that are offered to us in this place of the emblematic house as not always well taken advantage of.

Ideas for attics 2

Ideas for attics 3

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We need to know how to take advantage of the advantage of lighting, especially if our home is located in such a way that it can benefit from the best daylight hours. Another advantage is that the attics are usually more isolated from the outside than other plants or areas of the house, so that they can enjoy greater tranquility. It would be a good area to build a space for reading and relaxation, a play room for children, a workshop to work, or a bedroom. Infinite possibilities for the same space.

Ideas for attics 5

Ideas for attics 6

The beauty of its roofs is evident in these images that we present, where we can see how other less common places such as a kitchen or a bathroom can be filled with personality thanks to the inclination of the roof and the geometry of its crossbars.

Ideas for garrets 7

Ideas for attics 8

Ideas for attics 9

Ideas for dormers 10


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