The camouflaged house

MCKNHM Architects they made an extension in this one-story country house, added a second, a sauna and a guest house in the garden, plus a workshop and garage at the entrance of the farm. The architects called the CMYK House project as a reference to the color model that has been used to decorate the second floor façade and the guest house.

House with camouflage design 1

House with camouflage design 2

The effect that is achieved with these large Points of the colors used in this color model, cyan, magenta, yellow and black , is at least curious. TO short distance the differentiated points of color . TO middle distance there is an interpolation effect increased by the shadows creating a effect of greens and browns that camouflages the house in the wooded environment. TO long distance , from the lake near the house, you can see a classic German image, a deer in the forest .

House with camouflage design 3

House with camouflage design 4

The effect is a small irony since the house was built by the father of the current owner as hunting lodge. Although the effect of color is the most striking the work of architects is not reduced to it. The extension has consisted of adding a new space on the roof of the house, space for work space and meeting overlooking the lake.

House with camouflage design 5

Another addition is the one destined to workshop and garage. Coated on the outside with wood, it is a discreet but modern construction. The third addition to the house is another separate pavilion for the sauna and guest house that also has a terrace overlooking the lake.

House with camouflage design 6

In the last photograph you can see the effects of color according to the range of distances from where the observer is placed. A curious and spectacular effect that can be used for multiple purposes.


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