The bunker 599

I have not been able to resist to show you this work done in Holland by two architect studios, Rietveld Landscape and Atelier de Lyon. Everything is based on the commission of the DLG, the public entity that is dedicated to the control and care of water and land in the Netherlands. This work, due to the historical burden of this bunker, seems to me of an almost poetic symbolism. To disable a construction dedicated to war always has a touch of rebellion, of aspiration to a new and better world, where defensive lines are no longer necessary.

The bunker 599 1

Bunker 599 was part of the defensive line of Holland from 1815 to 1940, consisted of a network of small reservoirs that made possible the flooding of a large swath of land in the event of a war, was destined to protect the cities of Muiden, Utrecht, Vreeswijk and Gorinchem. The bunker was intended for the protection of the reservoir. Obviously the date of the cessation of this defense system, 1940, is significant, when Germany invaded Holland, this water barrier did not help.

The bunker 599 2

Surely now, after the work of these architects, the bunker has more meaning than ever, located on an elevation of the land you can have a very special view of the Dutch plain.

The bunker 599 3

With this cross section you can also see the way of construction of these defensive elements of war. Enormous amounts of concrete used for not knowing what, when sometimes the town does not even have access to that material. I like that path traced through the bunker, it says so many things.

The bunker 599 4

The image is unique, the idea superb, I wish we could do the same with the weapons, the barracks and the walls that separate humanity by the will of a few.


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