The bright planters of "Solisombra"

The garden is another of those spaces that lend themselves to a decoration thought and created with great care. Those who can enjoy this place in their own home know that dedicating time to their care is not only a great pastime, but also that they reap their fruits: nature knows how to thank it by making beautiful places bloom in our home. Among the infinite curiosities that exist for the decoration of gardens, terraces and patios (in short, any outdoor space that boasts) there are firms specializing in the creation of specific designs that give these environments the opportunity to shine with their own light.

Solisombra Flowerpots 1

This is the case of the Spanish firm " Solisombra ", Specializing in furniture and design accessories for interior and exterior. Your collection of design flower pots " Bloom "It draws attention for the innovativeness of its appearance, being as attractive to the eye as fun for our garden.

Flowerpots Solisombra 2

Flowerpots Solisombra 3

Is about round pots of large dimensions, to choose from a small range of bright colors , also designed with a special technology that protects to the plants of the ultraviolet radiation . A beautiful proposal created for all types of plants, especially for the maintenance and shine of those more exuberant specimens, vines and other species that grow without complexes on the banks of the calm waters of the pool.

Flowerpots Solisombra 4


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