The black in the decoration

The decoration with black Well used can be an option that will give any environment elegance and style. While it is true that before the proposal many people doubt their qualities, black decoration, even when used to cover all the walls of a room can result in a daring environment. So if you are thinking about making a radical change somewhere in your home and you want to really notice the change, we suggest you consider the black as an option.

Decorate with black 1

If you are someone who is afraid of making such a radical change in a room in your house or apartment, you can start making changes in the furniture and decorative accessories so that at the last moment you paint the walls black. The classic black and white combination is something you could perhaps try. Use a little gray to add style to your room too.

Decorate with black 2

A bedroom decorated in black will be a very sensual environment. In the following image you will see how it has been played with different shades as well as its combination with white. The use of a plant adds a touch of color to the room. You can incorporate that same touch using lamps of another tone, for example red.

Decorate with black 3

In the next image you will see a bedroom minimalist where the presence of wooden furniture forms a perfect set with the color black. In this case, although it is true that black is a very important part of the environment, the wood stands out, giving color to the room.

Decorate with black 4

For those more daring, the use of black color on the walls with touches or colored appliqués may be the best option. In this case there is a room with black walls and red details.

Decorate with black 5

It is important to keep in mind that when in a room the black color , a little more cleaning is required. Although it may seem otherwise, in a dark room, the presence of dust is much more noticeable. So if you have thought about making this change, keep in mind that you will have to dedicate a little more to that room. Anyway, the sacrifice will be worth it.

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