The big mistakes in decoration - Part II

We continue to review those situations that should never occur in the decoration of a home. But we are weak and sometimes we can fall into some error, err is human and the circumstances of life are very variable. The worst thing is not to err but to not realize sooner or later that your choice was not right at all.

Decoration errors 1

The flowers that we use in decoration must always be natural. Fresh is the ideal because they will bring us beauty and fragrance but you can also use dried flowers that bring a special touch with their frozen beauty. What can not and should not be done is to resort to artificial flowers, they provide nothing more than a false color. If we want to aromatize a room and we can not have fresh flower it is better to resort to compositions with aromatic natural products, lemons and other fruits and aromatic spices combined with stems and green or dry branches.

Decoration errors 2

The cushions They are a fantastic complement for the decoration of a sofa, a bed or an armchair but we must be aware of their need instead of installing them happily. It is clear that they play a practical role but we must never forget their decorative aspect.

Decoration errors 3

The decorative objects, ornaments and memories What we are accumulating must be kept under constant control. It is something that often happens to us but before adding an object to a bookcase or any furniture we have to stop a few moments and find the reason first and then the sense of its placement. If it does not fit the best is to save it somewhere that is not visible.

Decoration errors 4

The use of color It is a great decorative weapon but many people are afraid to take risks in this matter. Do not get angry and try colors that attract you but do not dare to use.

Decoration errors 5

The curtains They also have their rules, we will always place them about five centimeters above the frame of the windows. Only if you have high ceilings can you place them from the ceiling.

Decoration errors 6

Before buying a carpet for a certain stay you have to take the measuring tape and measure. Carpets when placed between furniture such as sofas and armchairs should completely fill the space between them.

Decoration errors 7

According to the illumination It is essential to have the amount of lamps and fixtures that give us enough light. We can add regulators to adapt the lighting to each situation.

Decoration errors 8

When we hang picture on the wall we must control the height. A rule that does not fail is not to hang them at a height higher than the doors and if it is on a sofa place them about 15 cm on the back of it.

Decoration errors 9

This image produces chills, the horror manifests itself again and this time in the form of transparent plastic protector . You should never protect a sofa or armchair with such an item, use blankets or any similar piece made of cloth to protect your sofa.

Decoration errors 10

Do not lean the sofa or the armchairs on the wall , leave a space behind them, passable or not depending on the size of the room, give a sense of spaciousness.

Decoration errors 11

We all do not have the eye used to to combine colours It is not an easy task. It requires some training and experience when you do not have that natural gift. So the best thing is not to exceed the number of colors that we introduce in a decoration. Let's play it safe and avoid horrible consequences.

Decoration errors 12

A big blunder is buying for example the furniture for your living room simply because you liked it in the exhibition of the store of furniture . Before leaving home you have to keep well-written the measures corresponding to the room you want to furnish so as not to take surprises and having to pile up the furniture in a space that is too small.


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