The big mistakes in decoration - Part I

In this article and the next in the series we will analyze some of the biggest mistakes that can occur in decoration. Surely many of us will be portrayed in some of them, it is inevitable, since no one is perfect and decoration as life itself has its stages and fashions. We do not like the same in adolescence as in maturity evidently.

Decoration errors 1

The bath mats Fitted in the toilet are a separate chapter, more than a decorative error they are an aesthetic and practical horror because not only they turn out to be ugly but they are a totally unhygienic element.

Decoration errors 2

We all love our family very much, but it is not necessary to expose our relatives in all their stages of growth constantly on a piece of furniture. The accumulation It creates a sense of disorder and it is more aesthetic to show a few Photographs and reserve the rest for the family album.

Decoration errors 3

The biggest mistake in decoration is keep something you do not like . Be brave and fight against the opinion of your friends and family, if something does not like in the decoration of your home change it. A large weight will be removed from it.

Decoration errors 4

The Dining room chairs they must be always and before everything comfortable. Comfortable and appropriate to the table, both in height and style. Uncomfortable chairs will not allow you to do something as important as a family meal in conditions.

Decoration errors 5

The cables of electronic devices They accumulate in our modern homes, nothing worse than leaving them in sight and above all in any way. They are unavoidable so try to hide them and keep them always organized, there are multiple solutions for this in the market.

Decoration errors 6

The decorative coherence it is something that can be ignored when we really like a theme, decorating a room in beach style when you live in the mountains or a tropical environment when you live in a cold place. The result can be absurd, it is better to use some elements on a theme than to make a thematic room.

Decoration errors 7

Merge furniture It is a virtue that some people have and others do not. To combine means to mix different materials and not create a cluster of equal furniture.

Decoration errors 8

While there's nothing wrong with creating a formal environment Do not get obsessed with it, your house is to live it not to expose it and an excess of formality will be crippling and crippling.

Decoration errors 9

Another one of the great basic errors, perhaps the biggest one after the things that horrify us, is the disorder . We should not consent, we can not talk about decoration while there is chaos in a room.

Decoration errors 10

Change accessories When a piece of furniture is used a lot, it can be a practical and economical solution. In the kitchen and bathroom the knobs and handles usually end up damaged by the intense use, just by changing them and adjusting the doors the furniture will take on a new air.

Decoration errors 11

The bedroom made in the likeness of an advertising photo or an exhibition of furniture can be unbearable. A bedroom is a living space and as such should decorate it.

Decoration errors 12

The receiver It is usually the forgotten one when it comes to decorating the home and it is a big mistake. It is the entrance to the house and should be like a diplomatic representation of it. More or less decorated but with a continuation with the rest of the rooms.

Decoration errors 13

There is decorative objects that have a very short life, lava lamps They are a clear example, try to decorate with a long look and not with the changing trends of the moment. But if you still make the mistake, do not be afraid to get rid of it as soon as you can.


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