The benefits of having a green roof

We are at a crucial moment for life on Earth to continue as we know it or definitely take a new path that nobody knows clearly where it can take us. Humanity in the last two centuries has made a dent in the health of the planet in a clear and indisputable way. Something is happening and we are on one side or another, we believe in climate change or it is only clear that our way of life affects the planet. Within this framework of environmental sensitivity, many architects consider different solutions so that housing is as sustainable as possible and their energy dependence is reduced as much as possible.

Ecological roofs 1

The green roofs are not an invention of the other day, man has known them since time immemorial and in some parts of the planet they have been used for thousands of years. The composition of a current green roof and the secular model is not so different, a base that acts as a support and food for the plants that grow on its surface.

Ecological roofs 2

The benefits of a green roof are both aesthetic and practical. A group of houses with a green roof is visually more pleasant than another that does not have them. They can also act as extension of the terrace or patio that can be established in him.

Ecological roofs 3

The most important practical function is the thermoregulation of housing , a house with a green roof is more isolated than one that does not have it, you will have to spend less energy to get a comfortable temperature inside.

Ecological roofs 4

The green roof vegetation absorbs moisture, water evaporates with heat and is achieved in this exchange that an important part of the environmental heat does not penetrate the house . But the plants as we know are the best air purifier that exists, a house with a green roof will have a purer and fresher air.

Ecological roofs 5

The green roof as a great insulator that is also will make the house better protected against fire and acoustically isolated .

Ecological roofs 6

The aesthetic and leisure side is also essential to choose a green roof, our home will be more connected to Nature and this will be shown to us by the insects and animals that will like to approach that green cover.

Ecological roofs 7

Green roofs have many and great benefits for both your economy and your life commitment. A choice that can interest both its aesthetics and its great practical benefits.


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