The bedroom in Japanese style

Japanese aesthetics evokes simplicity and serenity, this translated into the bedroom offers us a space centered on tranquility and minimalism. Straight lines and low volumes that create very relaxed environments conducive to rest and restful sleep.

Japanese style rooms 1

In the Japanese style, the bed should be low, which may shock the Westerners accustomed to high beds. The truth is that the height of the beds has been declining over time, we all remember those very high beds of our grandparents. So in reality the shock is now much smaller.

Japanese style rooms 2

The color of the bedroom should be neutral, although we can combine several colors but always keeping in mind that they are calm, not very strident colors. Another fundamental aspect in a bedroom decorated in Japanese style is order. Few furniture but enough for us to have everything neat. We are looking for peace and tranquility and disorder is the first enemy of serenity. Natural and simple materials are another essential in this style. The furniture is part of the decoration and must be in harmony with each other, that does not prevent you from using the contrasting elements.

Japanese style rooms 3

The range of possibilities is quite wide, you can choose to decorate your bedroom in Japanese style from the more or less traditional way to modern trends that connect the Japanese style with the other minimalist styles in vogue today. In short, a bedroom in Japanese style should be a space that encourages tranquility and relaxation.


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