The beauty of the mint color in the bathroom

The Mint color Belongs to the softer range of the green and is one of the pastel shades most used in interior design and decoration. The softness of this tone is refreshing, beautiful and, above all, very relaxing. It is a great color to decorate those intimate spaces of the house, such as the bathroom. The harmony that lends to the spaces is absolute, as we are going to show you in the following proposals.

Mint green color in the bathroom 1

The most common when decorating with this color is to use the palette in mint tones as a paint for the walls. It is the minimum when using tones that come to completely transform a space. Combined with white and blue tones we can create a harmonious and delicate space.

In this image, we see how the mint green stars in the ample space, completely illuminating the minimalism that exists between its four walls:

Mint green color in the bathroom 2

But mint color can be present in many other places, not only in walls, ceilings and floors: it can also be used in the usual accessories and furniture of a bathroom: shelves, mirror frames, mats, decorative vases, towels and towel rails ... The mint color, combined with golden details, gives the spaces a nuance of the most elegant and majestic, underlined by various floral decorations:

Mint green color in the bathroom 3

Another formula for using mint in the bathroom is through the mosaics that line the wall. We can also combine them with furniture of the same color. The mint green is revealed as a great option for these spaces, an option to be taken into account.

Mint green color in the bathroom 4

In addition, we can use mint green with warmer colors, such as red, orange or yellow. The strength of some colors and the softness of our protagonist, will suppose an attractive and unusual contrast in these spaces.

Mint green color in the bathroom 5

Finally, the mint green elegance contrasts with sophisticated colors (gray and black), creating spaces as beautiful and unique as this one:

Mint green color in the bathroom 6


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