The beauty of classic ceilings in decoration

After decades of neglect and nakedness, an interesting decorative current is emerging that struggles to return the decoration to the ceilings. These classic ceilings with a lot of style that we show you here are a small sample of this attitude. The moldings attack again.


It collides, pleasantly, to face for the first time these modern, elegant and sophisticated decorations with these magnificent and striking ceilings.


When using moldings or other or planning the decoration of a ceiling must be taken into account in the first place the height of it. The larger and wider the room, the more ornaments it can tolerate.


On the other hand, a small roof requires more discreet and restrained moldings. It is basic but sometimes we get carried away by the purely aesthetic and we end up wandering.


Well, although we have started with ceilings decorated with floral moldings and classic details, it does not mean that we can not decorate modern environments. Either with these same moldings or with other more linear or geometric patterns. In this room the linear moldings used in the wall find their continuation in the ceiling.


In this modern style living room we have a ceiling with a geometric figure that combines with the moldings of the walls and the door.


As in this modern kitchen we find a ceiling with a lot of relief of geometric design that coordinates perfectly with it.


An architecture of classic air requires moldings of the same style, which does not mean that we can give a fresh and renovated air using contemporary furniture.


And of course we can not forget classic style environments with an air of sophistication and elegance to which the decorated ceiling gives depth and texture.


Maybe we think that decorating with moldings is a very complex process but nothing else. Whether we entrust it to a professional, it will take very little time, or we do it ourselves, installing moldings is not complex at all.


This lamp and the moldings of the ceiling create a striking effect of lights and shadows that turn a white and uniform space into something alive and changing.


We all remember those wonderful European palaces with their profuse golden, because it is also possible to recreate a similar environment, on a more human level, with golden moldings.


As laborious coffered ceilings are easy to mimic with the corresponding moldings as those of this elegant kitchen.


Here, in these two examples, we can see the importance of space for a decorated ceiling to be perfect. And at the same time as said decoration brings to the set a more sophisticated air and a more cropped look while dressed.



Not everything ends in the golden, also the color can be present as it was in past historical epochs in ornamentations by means of moldings. These magnificent pink and blue moldings create a beautiful decoration with clear feminine air.


Two examples of geometric moldings in two different environments; one modern, minimalist, and the other purely classic.



The deep blue helps create a beautiful effect in this room decorated in white and light blue. A touch of sophistication for a decoration of clear lines.


Moldings and rosettes of classic style for an eclectic decoration with a certain industrial air. Magnificent combination that creates a unique atmosphere.


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