The beauty and style of fish flake tiles

Tile and glazed ceramics in the shape of fish scales have been used for centuries and it seems to be coming back to the fore. The tiles in fish scale are named for remembering their shape to this part of the skin of the fish, that chitinous armor that protects it and facilitates the underwater movement. It is a pattern that has been used to decorate, as far as we know, from Greek pottery vessels. And we all remember them for their use in the covering of ecclesiastical domes during different times and also for the rediscovery that modernism made of these tiles.


As the rooms of the house where it is easier to find tiles is in the bathroom and the kitchen will be in these spaces where we will find most of the examples of its use.


Although it does not prevent that they can be used in other places such as terraces, balconies and patios. Its natural geometric design and the possibility of mixing colors make this a very useful resource.



The size of the tile is of great importance because the effect it produces is very different. There is also the possibility of combining it with rectangular or square tiles offering an interesting contrast.




In the kitchen, it helps us create a specific environment that will be conditioned by the use of color and size. It is usual to use the color gradient and also the combination of colors although the effect produced by the tiles of a single color does not stop being interesting because it offers a nice texture.



In these two images we can see the different effect of the importance of size. The small tiles in the same tone but with gradient gives us a very interesting retro look, however a large tile in the same color can fit perfectly in the most modern of the spaces.




It is curious to observe the different styles in which this tile can be used. From vintage air environments to others of oriental or exotic inspiration. Without forgetting the classic style or a revision of it.


It could also be worth for a reinterpretation of a minimalist space when we forget the color and we are simply with the organic pattern that they offer us.


The front of this kitchen is very interesting with that uneven pattern, with a transition space between two areas very successful. It becomes an interesting and fun touch of attention.




Coating a part of the wall or one or all of them are some of the options that we can carry out. It is worth taking into account because the results are very different and transmit completely different sensations.



The truth is that the possibilities offered by these curious tiles are enormous. We will have to take them into account from now on if we are going to do some reform at home.

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