The beautiful renovation of a small apartment

Although it measures only 42 square meters this apartment is far from small. In fact it has a very cool interior design and a lot of elements that help you look and feel spacious. The remodeling and decoration of the apartment was the responsibility of Space4life studio . It is located on the 14th floor of a building in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.


Given the fact that it is a small apartment , interior designers had to be creative in their work. The team chose to abandon some of the conventional choices such as having a sofa and a bed. Instead they created two blocks of multipurpose use at each end of the apartment's largest room.


In one of these modules we find the bed with a storage cupboard underneath with four large drawers and a small closet at the foot of the bed.



It also houses a screen for audiovisual entertainment and a huge speaker bar on the ceiling. In addition, the bed can be completely out of sight thanks to a sliding panel.



In the contemporary air kitchen it has been possible to integrate a dining area that is clearly delimited by the choice of color.



The bathroom is also a great example of ingenuity and use. Once again the concept of installing bulky objects at both ends of the space has been worked on, leaving the intermediate zone clear. On one side we have the bathtub and the toilet, in front there is space for the laundry area that has been integrated into the bathroom.


The living, work and bedroom area and the kitchen communicate through a wide passage that separates the rooms well without constraining the visual field.


The entrance of the apartment leads to a small distributor hall from which you can access the three pieces that make up the apartment. And it still allows to have a closet at the entrance to hang coats and street shoes.

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