The bathroom, also a vintage space

Do you want to create a different space in your bathroom , personalizing it with careful and timeless details? Armaritos, mirrors, stools and retro bathtubs are the best complement for those who look for a decoration in which airs of past decades appear. It will be like submerging in a unique space, a world apart.

Vintage style in the bathroom01

And how to get it ?, you ask. The question is in the delicacy of the small details, as most of the time. Careful and thoughtful details, yes, but with that spontaneous aspect that transforms a corner into a space with true charm.

Vintage style in the bathroom02

Vintage style in the bathroom03

Vintage style in the bathroom05

Wicker stools and chairs, white basins and antique taps. And accessories such as magnifying mirrors, black and white photographs or furniture with rustic appearance, are some of these possibilities. Attention also to chandeliers; In principle they will seem very daring for the bathroom, but they get an effect of total timelessness.

Vintage style in the bathroom06

Vintage style in the bathroom07

Vintage style in the bathroom08

And what to say about this bath? Well, it is a unique piece to personalize the bathroom to the maximum. The rest of the decoration in white tones creates a comfortable and exquisite space. As exquisite as all the details you want to use, however minimal they may be.

Vintage style in the bathroom04

Vintage style in the bathroom09

Vintage style in the bathroom010

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