The balcony as a space for personal recollection

When you can have a balcony, however small, the urbanite can transform it into a space for personal recollection. Although it is a space where we are generally exposed to the sight of others it is not an obstacle for us to make it our favorite place. In a space where we can pick up even when outdoors, a quiet place where we can enjoy our favorite hobbies or simply where to sit or lie resting and taking in the fresh air.


One aspect that is not usually given much importance in the design of the balconies is the ground. Usually we leave the one we already have without more but it is an element to take into account for the general design that we want to give to the balcony and also for comfort. There are several options and depending on the air we want to give to our balcony we will opt for one or the other. A wooden floor will offer a natural look that will enhance the beauty of the plants if we have them on our balcony. If the floor is made of cement, we can paint it with different motifs to match the general decoration. And if we opt for ceramics or stone we will have a balcony that is easy to keep clean.


The size is important and the decoration will be based on the size of the balcony since it is not the same to decorate a small space than a large one. Furniture and decorative accessories should take into account the space available.


And of course it is essential that the balcony is an intercommunication space, between our house and the surrounding space. A balcony although we designate it to be our little personal paradise is an intermediate point between our house and the surrounding houses and as such must take into account this intermediation factor. This does not prevent us from developing our imagination to the fullest and creating a beautiful space that is consistent with the design of our house and the space that surrounds it.


But the balcony can also be a meeting space, if the space allows it we can create in it a real living room open to the outside. A place to meet with ours and enjoy both your company and the outdoors.


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