The Asian style

When talking about " luxury asian "As an example of the height of luxury and comfort (but not at odds with simplicity), it is not done by chance, because the Asian is a style that perfectly combines modernism with elegance and finds in the profusion of details its greatest ally.

Asian style 1

We present some ideas to start decorating the home with this style that combines the best of various cultures, such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Each of them has its own decorative impact, harvested over millennia and with a traditional character of surprising beauty.

Asian style 2

While Japanese design seeks above all simplicity through the simplicity of its architectural lines, Chinese is nourished by accessories and accessories, bright colors and luxury materials for furniture. There are many elements of Asian inspiration that you can use for your home. Take note of some examples that we are going to give you.

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Asian style 4

The Shoji screens They are very common in traditional Japanese houses. These are wooden and hemp boxes with a lattice design. They are used to divide rooms or to enhance the decoration of the room. Another typical element of Japanese decoration is the Kotatsu table , a low wooden table that is usually covered with a futon. Underneath it is placed the brazier or heater, as if it were a Japanese version of our traditional table stretcher.

Asian style 5

Mats woven with cane or straw abound on the floor of Japanese houses. They are known as mats Tatami Goza , indicated to sit barefoot on the floor around the table, a very habitual custom of this culture.

Asian style 6

From China, aspects as iconic as the decorative detail of printed paper with chinese calligraphy , or the Gong , percussion instrument that moves us fully to millenary China.

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Asian style 8


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