The alphabet is a library

If you are looking for a different library, modern and that you can change to your liking whenever you want, without a doubt this is what you need.

The alphabet is a library 2

The designer Pieter de Leeuw has made the alphabet a novel and original library that you can accommodate to your liking and you can even get some of its modules as chairs to rest and read.
It consists of blocks of the complete alphabet. Each of the letters is made of wood and can be purchased in different colors. You can order them to your liking and in the range that you want.
You also have the possibility to take some of your blocks and use them as small armchairs to read, rest or just sit down to choose the book you want to start reading.
The books are arranged in all the corners and shelves that you form according to how you stack and put each letter.
Do not you think it's very original? It is definitely something that I would put into my home ...

The alphabet is a library 1


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