The advantages of automating household openings

Modernizing decoration and home systems today is commonplace. As technology advances, we not only find it in our work or in our daily activities; but today we can use it for our daily life in our home.

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One of those options to modernize is the automation of openings, curtains, awnings. How many times have we left home and the curtains have been left open, which entails a risk to the security of the home. Or we have also forgotten to close the awning of our patio and an occasional storm damaged it completely. Surely you have ever suffered from these inconveniences, and more than once you have ended up going home to solve it. Then, automating is an option full of advantages that will make your daily life easier.

Automate will give you greater security, it will allow you to save energy and make your life at home more comfortable. What would you think about being able to schedule the opening and closing of blinds and curtains when we go on vacation? It really would be fantastic and would considerably reduce our concerns.

If you already liked the idea, it is the ideal time to know the proposals of Somfy about it. They present the Home Motion system, a system that dispenses with cables and that will make all the previously described activities much easier and simpler!

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With this system we can integrate a wide variety of functions from the opening and closing programming to the operation with remote commands enjoying the maximum level of comfort and simplicity of use.

You can also add light sensors to program, for example, based on the sunrise or sunset regardless of whether or not we are at home. The system will do the work for us.

The advantages of this system are many and we can discover more as we begin to use it ... What we expect! To automate our home!

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