The 110 featured articles of 2013

We are already enjoying this new year ... after the end of the year parties we are ready to return our activities and many take advantage of the beginning of the year to dedicate themselves to renovate the home decoration. That is why today we propose you to enjoy the best articles of 2013. It is a selection of 110 featured articles where you can find tips and ideas for all areas of the house. Original proposals and easily applicable at home. We invite you to enjoy this selection!

To see each article you just have to click on each of the photographs and you can enjoy them ...

1- 10 ways to have a greener kitchen

How to have a greener kitchen

2- Ideas for reusing old chairs

Reuse old chairs

3- The energy of the orange color in the decoration

4- Ten tips to decorate in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

5- Shared rooms for the kids

Small shared rooms

6- Walls drawn with style

7- Use your old stairs

Decorate with stairs

8- Indoor hammocks and seesaws

9- A craft workshop at home

Crafts workshop at home

10- The choice of roof color, an important decision

Roof color

11- Outdoor showers, a refreshing option

Outdoor showers

12- How to fight against disorder

How to order the house

13- Ideas for decorating very small apartments

14- Tips to create a sense of spaciousness

Give a sense of spaciousness

15- Decoration of corridors

16- Baskets to organize the bathroom

17- Details to create a Zen garden

Create a Zen garden

18- How to manage your budget for decoration

Manage budget for decoration

19- Decorate the house with old trunks

20- The industrial style kitchen and the exposed brick walls

Industrial style kitchens

21- 10 ideas for reusing babies' cribs

Reusing babies' cribs

22- The most common mistakes in bedroom decoration

Errors in decorating the room

23- Create a spa area at home

Create a spa area

24- Pink and black rooms for girls

Rooms in pink and black

25- Five tips to make your home more welcoming

How to make the house more cozy

26- How colors influence us in day to day

Influence of colors

27- Welcome corners for your house

Welcome corners

28- Eco-friendly prefabricated mini house

29- Take advantage of the wardrobe: how to organize it

30- Interiors of housing with a lot of glamor

31- Indoor gardens

32- Let yourself be seduced by the 'shabby chic'

33- How to take advantage of space in small bedrooms

34- Porch decoration

35- The most important decorative styles

Decorative styles

36- What you do not have to do in decoration

What should not be done in decoration

37 - Luminous receivers decorated in white

Blank receivers

38- Metal beds, an option to consider

Metal beds

39- How to become a professional in interior design

decoration tips

40- Decorative accessories and accessories in green

41- Elements to take better advantage of our balcony

Elements for the balcony

42- Renew your bedding and renovate your bedroom

Renew the bedding

43- 8 multifunctional furniture for small apartments

Multifunctional furniture

44- Decorating recycling and recovering

Decorate recycling

45- How to make the living room comfortable

46- Zen miniature gardens

Zen gardens

47- A well-organized pantry

Organized pantry

48- Decoration with glass

Decoration with crystals

49- Ideas to organize the bathroom

Organize the bathroom

50- Avant-garde bedside tables

51- Renew the walls with mosaics

52- The symmetry in decoration

Symmetry in decoration

53- Ideas for organizing the kitchen

Organize the kitchen

54- Decorating with natural materials: Bamboo canes

Bamboo rods to decorate

55- Decorating with floor cushions

Decorate with cushions on the floor

56- Basic tips for decorating the dining room

Tips to decorate the dining room

57- How to create special corners for relaxation

58- How to include your bicycle in the decoration of the house

Bicycle in decoration

59- Original ideas to place your plants

Ideas for plant placement

60- This spring, navy blue

Decorate in navy blue

61- Move to Pop-Art decoration

DEcoration pop art

62- Light and color in 5 bedrooms for girls

63- Decoration with old bottles

64- Ideas for organizing shoes

Ideas for shoe storage

65- How to plan the decoration of the stair wall

Plan the decoration of the staircase

66- You already have your white sofa and now what?

Sofas on white

67- Choose the color of the paint with professional criteria

Choice of paint color

68- Reusing drawers as decoration

69- How to choose the perfect headboard

Choose the perfect headboard

70- Neon colors to decorate interiors

Decorate with neon colors

71- Ideas to decorate with vintage mirrors

72- Twelve spectacular corners next to the windows

73- Decorative water fountains

Decorative water fountains

74- Houses with well-organized children

Houses organized with children

75- Ideas to share the room

76- The balcony as a space for personal recollection

Decorate the balcony

77- Decoration at the foot of the bed

78- Style your staircase with these 5 ideas

Ideas for the staircase

79- 9 special colors for the children's room

Colors for the children's room

80- Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces

81- Ten elegant outdoor dining rooms

Outdoor dining ideas

82- Hidden storage solutions

Hidden storage ideas

83- How to take advantage of a balcony

Take advantage of your balcony

84- Sophisticated bedrooms in gray and white

85- Feng Shui in the dining room and the kitchen

Feng shui in the kitchen

86- Change the look of your armchair easily

Change the look of your armchair

87- Vintage style dressers: the elegance of the past

88- Bamboo floors, natural and sustainable

Bamboo floors

89- Walls covered with stone: elegance and solidity

90- How to create the perfect guest room

Create a guest room

91- Ten bedrooms in blue

92- Create an outdoor oasis with a low budget

Spaces of rest on the outside

93- The latest in functional and fun interior design

Funny designs

94- Tips for decorating on a budget

Decorate with little budget

95- Ten rooms full of color

96- Furniture to have the house well ordered

97- Decorating with rugs in a different way

Decorate with carpets

98- Style kitchens with little investment

Kitchens with little investment

99- Magical and delicate interiors in pastel colors

100- Ideas for reusing old doors

decorate with old doors

101- Taking advantage of different objects such as bedside tables

Objects like bedside tables

102- Children's rooms and growth

Children's rooms

103- Beaded curtains to separate environments

104- The importance of space for storage in the bathroom

Storage space in the bathroom

105- Wall decoration with photo frames

106- Spaces for cooking outdoors

Outdoor kitchens

107- A multipurpose space

Multipurpose spaces

108- Mini-kitchens for very small spaces

109- 10 ideas to decorate with cardboard

Decorate with cardboard

110- Indoor decorative waterfalls

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