The 10 most beautiful candy stores in the world

Maybe you think that right now, just after Christmas, is not the best time to talk about sweets. Well everything has its moment and seeing these wonderful candy stores will not add a single calorie to your diet. We bring you a sweet selection, and never better said, of the ten most beautiful candy stores in the world. Sweets and candies are popular around the world as you can see below. Although we always think that the main clients of this industry are children, it is not really that way. Many adults are habitual consumers and they tend to be dedicated to these so elaborate candy stores in which a good amount of money has been invested in their design and decoration.

Candy stores 1

The Dylan's Candy Bar , Miami, USA, belongs to the daughter of the famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren. The huge lollipop tree stands out in the center and, in general, the color is the most attractive. Dylan collaborated with Gensler on the design of this high-ceilinged space. The wooden ceiling remained as it seemed to resemble chocolate tablets.

Candy stores 2

The Candy Room Melbourne, Australia, was designed by Red Design Group and schematically represents the look of a kitchen. The background has been neutral so that the colors of the wrappers of the sweets they sell stand out more.

Candy stores 3

Candylawa is the name of this wonderland of sweets and is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is divided into two levels and has different areas for children and adults with sweets adapted to different tastes.

Candy stores 4

The Miette Confiserie from San Francisco, USA, imitates the classic design of classic European confectionery and pastry shops. It exposes its products for sale in a clean, decorative and above all terribly charming way.

Candy stores 5

The Spanish firm Papabubble , specialized in handmade candies, has in Yokohama this store that was designed by Schemata Architects. The work of the great Jo Nagasaka is clearly seen with the use of cement and the nakedness of the environment. Here clients can focus on the work already created and in which the artisans in the glazed kitchen create at that time.

Candy stores 6

Sugarfina is a select adult candy shop located in Beverly Hills, USA. Their select products are often unique throughout the country.

Candy stores 7

Candylicious It is in Singapore and occupies more than 800 square meters. Enough space to house more than 5000 different products. An Asian paradise of sweets.

Candy stores 8

SugarSin It is a store located in Covent Garden, London, Great Britain. Despite its traditional façade inside, there is a modern sweets and sweets store run by two Swedish sisters who have specialized in the sale of Scandinavian sweets.

Candy stores 9

Meert It is a traditional store located in Lille, France. It is located in an 18th century building, renovated in 1839 by the architect César Benvignat. Although it is traditionally known for its waffles in its classic counter we can find all kinds of sweets. We can also enjoy the tea room attached to the store.

Candy stores 10

Happy pills it is instead a new and modern proposal that combines the appearance of a pharmacy with that of a candy store with great humor. Its sweet pills can treat innumerable evils of the spirit. We can enjoy and get your first aid kits in Zaragoza, Spain.


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