Terrifyingly funny decoration for Halloween

Halloween for those of us who live far from the countries where it is a secular tradition is a fad that seems to us to be temporary but has no sense of leaving us. And the key is the children, they love it, and we docile and easy parents can not deny them anything that they enjoy. Although it is something as macabre as all this Halloween. We propose some ideas to decorate your house in a fun and cheerful way, even for such a gloomy party. Your little ones will thank you.


This skeleton is made with paper stuck on black cardboard and with pieces of magnetic adhesive tape. A great idea that will delight the little ones. Here You can get the pattern.


A funny monster to give small scares from behind a window or a door with glass. Print this Pattern and use it as a template to cut decorated paper.


Some old and dark books if possible and cut out these pretty ghosts from their central leaves. Mark your eyes with a black marker and secure them in place with a bit of tape.


Colorful cardboard, matching ribbons, scissors to cut zigzag and a bit of glitter. You will have these fantastic pumpkins in an instant.


And what about this terrifying witch, terrifying! Print this Pattern , cut out your witch and fix it with duct tape on the window.


The fabric of this awful spider is made with black adhesive tape. First place the long lines to divide the crystal into six parts and then finish off with the smaller strips. Place the spider weaver and go.


A cheap candle and a sharp pencil is all you need to draw these original spider webs. Then pass a paper towel soaked in alcohol to remove the wax powder and you will be perfect.


Bats can not miss the annual appointment. They are very easy to do with this Pattern and you just have to cut them out and stick them to the wall with painter's tape.

Via: bhg.com

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