Terraces with hammocks in bohemian style

A terrace At home it is like having a small oasis of light and rest. It can serve us for many things, like putting a small gazebo or to create a space for leisure and relaxation. In this last case, one of the most attractive proposals is to decorate these spaces with a Bohemian style

Hammocks in bohemian style 1

The bohemian style is a casual style in which there is a clear component of daring and sometimes also eclecticism. However, although it may seem, there is no place for improvisation. These proposals, for example, are careful proposals, in which each detail has its function to make these spaces the best places to rest, especially if we have a hammock .

Hammocks in bohemian style 2

Hammocks in bohemian style 3

The hammocks are small hanging beds, some are like a large net, others are a wide sheet that separates us from the ground and rocks us gently. They do not usually take up a lot of space, so if there is a quiet corner on the terrace, we can place one anchoring it carefully at two fixed points. We can complete with cushions to support the head or feet.

Hammocks in Bohemian style 4

Hammocks in Bohemian style 5

The hammocks are the best accompaniment for wicker furniture, chairs, wooden tables and chairs, carpets with cushions ... All this helps to create a very 'hippie' style and very much at home, without a rigid decoration behind.

Hammocks in Bohemian style 6

These spaces open outdoors and try to blend in with the environment, so it is not necessary to have many accessories. They are spaces that tend more to naturalism, to create quiet, comfortable environments with a minimalist point that makes them ideal for relaxation.

Hammocks in bohemian style 7

Photos: ivillage.com ; prettyhandygirl.com ; coastalshorecreations.com

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