Terraces and balconies in apartments

The personality and style of each home is greatly influenced by its relationship with the outside world. In the case of a house, this indoor-outdoor connection is very easy to achieve. But what can be done when faced with a limited space? like for example an apartment. We believe that a solution to this problem would be the organization of an outdoor area that could serve as a relaxation and that would be in strong contact with the rest of the house. For today I have gathered some ideas of terraces incredible that I think will inspire. Whether we are talking about a balcony, a roof or a ground floor area Well defined, these various ideas should serve as a starting point when decorating.

terraces-2 style

We try to find diverse solutions, most of them adapted for modern apartments, but we find some interesting traditional designs. Enjoy these wonderful images and I await your comments.

terrace style-1

terraces-2 style

terraces-3 style

terraces-4 style

terrace style-5

terraces-6 style

terraces-7 style

terraces-8 style

terraces-9 style

terrace style-10

terrace style-11

terraces-12 style

terrace style-13

Photos: freshome.com

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