Tender pink room for your baby

When our baby comes the way and we think about preparing a room Special, many moms have thought about how to decorate them, but others do not know where to start.
Today we present this beautiful proposal. Tender, simple, and that transmits tranquility.

Tender room in pink for your baby3

A space in which everything is thought. From the space for the crib, her bedside table, a small corner to make her sleep, and space for her to have her toys and invite friends for when she grows up a little.
The details are everywhere, and two essential colors have been combined, the pink and the white . There are spaces designed exclusively for storage, along with accessories such as wicker baskets painted in white and pink with details of applied lace.
The table and chairs set is old, but it has been restored and painted white. It is simple, but very light, ideal for the little ones.
On the bedside table they have been made to decorate, small rag dolls or fabric and with the same fabric small portraits have been made to color photos of the little one and the family.
A decor as tender as it is exquisite. Enjoy!

Tender pink room for your baby1

Tender room in pink for your baby2

Tender pink room for your baby4

Tender room in pink for your baby5

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