Ten tips to decorate in Scandinavian style

Known for its simplicity, usefulness and beauty, Scandinavian interior design is a pure, minimalist style that focuses on functionality, clean lines, impeccable realization and restrained elegance. The use of light is considered very important and many Scandinavian homes are characterized by the use of muted earth tones, honest materials and minimal ornamentation.

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Although we speak of Scandinavian style, it does not mean that there is only a decorative style in those northern lands. There are different Scandinavian styles from the traditional and decorative Gustavian style to the minimalism of the mid-20th century. Going through the latest trends that have also been introduced in the Scandinavian, industrial, rustic style, etc ...

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Soils :

Wall-to-wall carpets were never successful in Sweden and all Scandinavian interiors must have wooden floors, preferably in light colors, in all rooms except bathrooms.

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The white and gray walls, the blue textiles, recreate the proper atmosphere of a Scandinavian interior, however there are more, the colorful textiles of Marimekko in the pop style of the 60s and the more decorative ones of Frank Josef, in the 40s. Both very different, both very Scandinavian.

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The main material is wood, in any presentation. To cover walls, floors and even the ceiling to add texture and warmth.

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Always clear lines both in the architecture and in the furniture.


A truly Scandinavian interior is always very functional and livable. It is a pragmatic decorative style, made to live.

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There are incredible pieces from various manufacturers. Some of the designers of the mid-century period include Hans Wegner, Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen and their pieces are as beautiful today as they were when they were conceived.

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Stove in the corner:

Unlike other countries where the fireplace or stove becomes the queen of the room in which it is located, in the Scandinavian countries the stove is a simple piece, sometimes of tiles and is always installed in a corner.

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The Swedes have been among the first to add ecological aspects to their homes. Triple glazing, proper insulation of walls and ceilings, geothermal heat pumps ... these are all standard measures in new Swedish buildings.

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Opening to the outside:

Swedes need a connection to the outside so you'll find a balcony or terrace, even in the smallest apartments. This is usually covered and used to barbecue and spend outdoors on bright summer nights.

Accessories and accessories:

These have to undergo a draconian control, few, very few have to be the complements. Always used as contrasting elements, no figurines, bibelots and boxes everywhere.

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