Ten rooms full of color

Do you need to give your living room a little color? We bring you ten proposals for salons full of color with the wise mixture of just two or three similar or opposite tones. Whether you are looking for sobriety or if you prefer something more striking, enjoy a cheerful and awake decoration that illuminates your sofas, accessories and walls.

In this first example we discovered the magic of color thanks to a chromatic range of roses, violets and naranjas. As young as fascinating.

10 full color livings 1

The sobriety of the gray, between a strong wooden furniture, finds its balance with golden and yellow touches, with a more classic but flattering styling concept.

10 full color livings 2

This proposal in turquoise blue and pink is innovative and somewhat baroque, very suitable for breaking molds and renewing style.

10 full color livings 3

White, pink and cream patterned stripes, resulting in a light style and something naif that gladdens the view and welcomes natural light.

10 full color livings 4

Oranges, greens and yellows on ocher background for a warm and magnetic style. The prints with abstract floral motifs and minimalist accessories are reminiscent of Asian-style interiors.

10 full color livings 5

A pair of neutral colors and striped print are enough to create a simple but cozy atmosphere like this one.

10 full color livings 6

We change the chromatic range and get closer to the warmth and vividness of red, a good resource of color for dimmed rooms.

10 full-color livings 7

10 full color livings 8

Again, white as a base is the most successful when it is the complements (in this case the cushions) that put the counterpoint in full color. The drawing of the wall paper to match them is the icing on the cake.

10 livings in full color 9

For more baroque homes, this latest proposal: black velvet sofa with orange, white and brown complements. Glamor in pure state.

10 full color livings 10

Photos: homeklondike.com

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