Ten proposals for design rooms

You want to have a design room like all those that appear in magazines ??? You want to achieve a decor worthy of an interior designer? These ten proposals are what you need to achieve it.

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All of them are bedrooms of interior designers who have looked for originality, tranquility, glam and elegance in each of them.
There are proposals for all tastes. In different colors, styles and for all budgets.
The proposals in orange are incredible. So beautiful and vivid color used on the walls transforms the spaces and gives the room a distinctive style.
The color cement has also been used and a cement headboard has been designed on the wall, something that is not very common to see and that has been specially designed for a small space as you can see in the photograph.
Another proposal is a master - room. Not everyone has the opportunity to have as much room for the main room, but some do. And the truth is that seeing a design like this gives pleasure even when we can not have it.
An interesting proposal is the room entirely painted in white, with its floors and ceilings in the same color, and are the curtains, cushions, quilt and blanket that direct the main color of the room: the brown and its range of lighter toasts.
But we can not help but notice the room painted in turquoise with its white games in the range of yellows and cakes. The latter one decor otherwise daring.
In short, there are proposals for all tastes and needs. Are you encouraged to do any of them in your rooms ???

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Ten proposals for design rooms-02

Ten proposals for design rooms-03

Ten proposals for design rooms-04

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Ten proposals for design rooms-06

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Ten proposals for design rooms-09

Ten proposals for design rooms-10

Source: apartmenttherapy

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