Ten indoor pools to dream

Who has never dreamed of having a indoor pool in your home to be able to bathe at any time of the day without fear of disturbing or being disturbed, and regardless of the temperature you make outside? We are going to take a tour of ten spectacular indoor pools; water spaces that merge with the internal architecture of the houses and constitute an oasis within them. A redoubt of peace, harmony and beauty, which allows you to get rid of daily stress and perform daily swimming exercises at any time of the year, away from the eyes of others.

Indoor pools 1

In many of them, we see how the vegetation makes its way between the columns of Greco-Roman inspiration to accompany the bathers while they rest or read a book next to the surface of the water. Diaphanous and spacious spaces, perfectly illuminated, glazed and air-conditioned. Bridges and wooden platforms, swinging hammocks and slides complete the set. Luxury pools that invite you to dream ...

Indoor pools 2

Indoor pools 3

Indoor pools 4

Indoor pools 5

Indoor pools 6

Indoor pools 7

Indoor pools 8

Indoor pools 9

Indoor pools 10

Photos: home-designing.com

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