Ten elegant outdoor dining rooms

These ten outdoor dining they take advantage of all natural light and surround themselves with a privileged environment, full of abundant vegetation and unbeatable views, to make the experience of eating or dining in the open air unforgettable. If you have the privilege of having a patio, garden or porch where to set up a meeting area, do not miss these interesting suggestions and decorative proposals.

Outdoor dining 1

In these dining rooms with a Mediterranean air, the fireplace exerts a double function: in addition to absorbing the whole focus of attention, it warms up the atmosphere in nights of colder temperatures. The detail of the pergola is also very useful and architecturally beautiful. The table is sheltered and in addition a perfect balance is achieved by framing the gazebo area.

Outdoor dining 2

The appearance of the lighting can be solved with a good lamp or lantern strategically hung on the table. The wood is simple and flattering.

Outdoor dining 3

Outdoor dining 4

This other more modern inspired dining room is covered by a barred vault. The symmetry of the straight lines frame the stone fireplace. A design full of sobriety and balance.

Outdoor dining 5

For simpler budgets, we find this magnificent corner sheltered next to the house. We will only need a table, a tablecloth full of color and chairs as comfortable as these. The whole can not be more intimate.

Outdoor dining 6

A beautiful outdoor dining room framed by the stone wall of the house. Rural and bucolic.

Outdoor dining 7

Outdoor dining 8

This dining table is inspired by a trip to the Bahamas made by its creator, who has tried to give it a "drifting boat" appearance, thanks to the deliberate carelessness of wood and decorative nets.

Outdoor dining 9

Outdoor dining 10

Photos: hgtv.com

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