Ten bedrooms in blue

The blue, in its widest registers, is a color very much in keeping with the nature of its own bedrooms , places to indulge in relaxation and comfort. It is clean, soft and pleasant, and relaxes the mind, helping us to fall asleep. Blue, light blue, turquoise, marine, greenish ... color blue It triumphs in the bedroom, as is evident in these ten proposals that we bring you today.

Rooms in blue 1

Combined with white, blue becomes ethereal and relaxed, very appropriate for rest. A wall painted in this color recreates an atmosphere full of innocence and peace, as well as being the most appropriate to dress those places where we go to perform more intellectual activities, such as studying, writing or reading. It is said that blue enhances our most creative side.

Rooms in blue 2

Rooms in blue 3

Rooms in blue 4

Combining this color with a strong chromatic range such as black, the more sophisticated and romantic side of blue is enhanced and places with a more personalized look are obtained.

Rooms in blue 5

Rooms in blue 6

Other tones with which you can mix is ​​with brown, as long as you do not abuse the latter, and especially with the lila, of whom blue is a distant cousin.

Rooms in blue 7

Rooms in blue 8

The turquoise blue is another success for bedrooms, being equally as delicate. Do you aim for blue?

Rooms in blue 9

Rooms in blue 10

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