Take the vintage to your living room

The living room is a place in the home that lends itself to be decorated in many ways every so often. The new trends that enter the market can motivate us to carry out a small change of style, either out of curiosity or to avoid the monotony that can cause us the usual decoration.

Vintage style in the living 01

A room decorated in the vintage style has many possibilities to become an object of desire and a center of attention for lovers of this trend, and also for the initiated. Everything that reminds us of past times is apt to be called vintage, but it is not the only thing, since other elements come into play: space, colors and the arrangement of those same objects and furniture, where the focus is in small details that end up being the protagonists. Lamps, paintings, mirrors, figures, ashtrays, tablecloths, upholstery ... various proposals that bear that stamp that makes them so special.

Vintage style in living 02

Vintage style in living 03

Many of these pieces can be highly valued in antique shops, where the "old" does not have to be synonymous with "old fashioned". Leather armchairs, armchairs, canapés (padded benches) and original tables lend themselves to being used, reformed or not, in multiple versions to configure this vintage universe.

Vintage style in living 04

But not only the old has a place in this style: it is about recalling a decoration with echoes of another time or decade, even though we use furniture and elements of the latest generation, but combined with those other more ancient aspects that we talked about.

Vintage style in living 05

The walls are another point where you have to focus attention: wallpaper with different motifs (usually geometric, although everything has room) and more "kitsch" and electric colors become more relevant, as we can see in this
selection of images.

Vintage style in living 06

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