Take out storage space to your walls

We all want more storage space but many do not know where to get it from. A hole in the wall is not only functional but can also add architectural interest and a touch of personality to different rooms of the house. Keep reading and remove storage space to your walls.


The bathroom is one of the rooms where you usually resort to this little trick. A built-in closet or shelf is very practical for the kind of things we usually keep in the bathroom.


Some solutions are almost film like this cupboard that is concealed in the wall.


Or a closet hidden behind the bathroom mirror, a classic but that never loses its validity.


This small cabinet is tiny but terribly practical because it allows us to keep that brush as functional as it is unsightly.


The jars and bottles of cosmetics and perfumes look much better on a built-in shelf than having them on the countertop occupying space.


The coating of the wall can facilitate the realization of these practical and hidden hiding places.


In the kitchen you can also resort to these solutions. These shelves are very practical and allow to store a complete pantry.


When we have little space, in depth, we can create a large closet like this one. It will remain fully functional.


In the bedroom a small hole gained to the wall, next to the bed, can serve as a bedside table with the consequent saving of space in the room.


In the rooms, or other rooms, attic you can take advantage of the wall under the windows to gain a large storage space.


On the sides and above the headboard, a built-in bookcase will allow us to have everything we need in the room at hand.


A shelf of this type can also make us a great role in the hall.


Some solutions, like this corner, are more aesthetic than practical but show us the enormous amount of possibilities that the walls offer us.


Take advantage of the pictures to hide the holes or niches is a great idea.


Simple and so shallow that it fits on any wall. And above the mirror, a great idea that will allow us to have all the jewelery of daily use stored but well exposed.


This fantastic creation takes advantage of the paneling of the wall to hide the shelves. A good practical idea, functional and very decorative.

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