Take Christmas to your kitchen too

We are claiming that the whole house has the right to Christmas decoration and we can not forget the kitchen. She is the true neuralgic center of Christmas, from her all the delicacies that we are going to taste come out and to her all the dirty dishes return. So let's give it a little Christmas spirit so that without losing its eminently practical function we feel especially Christmas when we prepare our delicious dishes.


This charming retro kitchen is very good with this simple for green crowns with its red ribbons.


Although we can make a few more and decorate a window like this one. They are easy to make and their size will allow us to hang them anywhere.


Here we have the first kitchen with two different crowns and some more complement. The curtains in red automatically introduce us to Christmas.


If we like we can add ornaments throughout the kitchen. Cabinet doors can thus become good supports for them.


If you have a dining area in the kitchen do not forget about it. A few branches of fir or other conifer and red ribbons will go very well to decorate the chairs.


You can also include Christmas details anywhere, even in the sink. The question will be basically to find the balance between the festive decoration and the available space.


A small Christmas tree in a corner can be enough to recreate that Christmas spirit and will not steal anything from us.


We can also take advantage of appliances so as not to steal space from the work area. That does try to make it easy to remove for when you have to use the device.


If you have a pendant lamp, take advantage of it. Its decoration will be very colorful and will not occupy useful space in the kitchen.


Christmas decorations made with food are especially good in a kitchen. These oranges with spice cloves and hung with ribbons are a great idea that will also leave you a fantastic perfume in the kitchen.


Something as simple as these candy canes are superb in a kitchen. An appetizing ornamentation.


The same thing that we said before of the household appliances we can do with the dishes that we are not using. An easy and decorative idea that does not rob us of space.


Any antique silver object with spheres and fir twigs is a discreet and very elegant Christmas decoration.


And when you do not have much space you can always take advantage of the roof to hang a mobile like this.


If your kitchen is minimalist you can also decorate it as you see here. A bare tree and some Christmas object look great in this Nordic kitchen.


A corner for hot chocolate is also very Christmas and you can ride with very little in a corner of the kitchen. This old wooden box serves as a shelf for the cups and accessories necessary to prepare a delicious hot chocolate.


This Christmas instead can not be, totally retro allows you to wear those lovely cups for chocolate.


In black and white and with reclaimed wood. A perfect idea for a contemporary kitchen in vintage style.


This small side table has everything you need to enjoy a fantastic Christmas breakfast. Hot chocolate, coffee and sweets to put your body in tune with the celebration.


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